It's working when you reach out, is it broken, let me feel. It's like a cardboard box but it's all we have. I'd like to give you something as beautiful as the simplest thing I could express. But all I have is this, a sequence of words wrapped in a timeline of sounds. I feel it's all there is to it. Wreckage of man versus the ever growing need to be as close as the human form allows. I'm so happy to be here with you. I seem to have a tough time with finding words that feel new and stunning to the bone and still alive and real. To be frank with god not necessarily with everyone else with all that has been said and all that has been false. I'm so happy to be here with you.


from Future Endings: A Live Studio Recording, released November 3, 2017
(music and lyrics by d')


all rights reserved



IdiotHead Wrocław, Poland

We pride ourselves in being chronically post-modern, stylistically perverse and progressively misanthropic, which one might find sad, but only if unable to enjoy the bitterness.
Now go listen to our music instead of reading bios, seriously.

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